2018 Tree for Tots

The South and Central Health Foundation is proud to be the benefactor of The Central Voice regional newspaper's 2018 Tree for Tots fundraiser this November and December. Our special project this year is to help supply the Pediatric Clinic at the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre with several pieces of updated essential equipment that the pediatricians use daily in treating young patients.

Funds from the sale of bulbs this year will benefit children from around the entire central region. We hope with reader’s support we can purchase several pieces of equipment on the pediatricians’ wish list:

           Pediatric Examination Table

           Height/Weight scale for very young patients

           Wall mounted blood pressure monitors and neonate blood pressure cuffs

           Baby toys (blocks, puzzles, etc..) for cognitive testing in babies


The physical location of the Tree will be on the lawn of the CNRHC. Donors can support the fundraiser by buying a light bulb to light up the tree. Light bulbs can be purchased through the South and Central Health Foundation, located in the lobby of the CNRHC. Drop by the office to make your purchase in person or click on the donate now button on this website.


The continued commitment from The Central Voice and continued support from donors means a lot to our charity. We have used your gifts with great care and thought in the past and we will continue to do so in the future. Hopefully with your support we will be able to make the pediatricians’ job of taking care of your children’s health needs that much easier. The real benefit of supplying these items to the clinic is for the children who visit the doctors there.


2018 Tree for Tots Donors

In memory of:

Jack & Ruby Barrett - Red bulb

Arthur & Vivian Reid - Red bulb

Ronald & Georgina Chaulk - Red bulb

Jack & Martha Chaulk - Red bulb

Gerald Chaulk - Red bulb

William & Annie Wheeler - Red bulb

George & Caroline Guy - Red bulb

Alfred & Elsie Freake - Red bulb

William Guy - Red bulb

Ruth (Guy) Reid - Red bulb

Jocelyn Guy - Red bulb

John & Pearl Chaulk - Red bulb

Leslie & Jessie Guy - Red bulb

Edward & Linda Sullivan - Red bulb

Sadie Hillier - Red bulb

Glenda Warford - Red bulb

John & Margaret Breen - Green Bulb

Clem & Marie Ryan - Green Bulb

Kevin & Anita cantwell - Green Bulb



 In honour of:

Wendy & Max Houlihan - Green Bulb

Jack King - Green Bulb

Friend of Children - $140

Elks Wednesday Night Darts - $100

Anonymous - $75

Cynthia Barry - Green Bulb

Desmond Janes - 2 Red Bulbs

Colin Clatney - 2 Red Bulbs

Annonymous - $166.21









Have you or a loved one been helped as a result of a piece of equipment, or a health program, which has been funded by Foundation donors? Have you received care by a healthcare professional that goes above and beyond? Please take a minute to share your positive story with us!
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