OR needs on Christmas Wish List for Urology surgeons



With a new Christmas season comes a new opportunity to improve the quality of healthcare at our Regional Health Centre. This year our Foundation has committed to partner with the health professionals that run the Operating Rooms at the CNRHC to provide new and much needed surgical equipment for Urology. With your help we will definitely succeed!


As a new Urologist with Central Health I am proud to be joining with Senior Surgeon Dr. David Sutherland providing care to the people of Central Newfoundland. Both Dr. Sutherland and I are excited about being able to offer our patients less invasive surgical options for procedures involving the bladder, prostate and kidney that have never before been offered here at Central Health.


As a physician I understand how important it is to provide as much service as possible to patients in the region in which they live.  Prior to my arrival, laparoscopic surgery was only available in St. John’s. With new surgical equipment at CNRHC, these surgical procedures can be offered, therefore resulting in many benefits for the patient, including a shorter stay in the hospital and a faster recovery period. Additionally, patients have less blood loss, less transfusion risk, less post-operative pain and improved post-operative scarring.


 And, in experienced hands, laparoscopic oncology surgery has equivalent outcomes to open oncology surgery. With two surgeons we have been able to offer urological appointments, procedures and surgeries with reduced wait times; and we now have two urologists attending to the larger oncology cases. This is great news for the people of central Newfoundland!


More great news is that the Central Newfoundland Hospital Auxiliary has helped us kick off this Christmas Campaign with a $20,000 gift!  On behalf of the South and Central Health Foundation and the surgical patients that are assisted, I ask that you support our goal to raise $45,000 to provide this new innovative surgical equipment. In the past, supporters of the South and Central Health Foundation have helped to ensure that the regional hospital is prepared to give the best care whenever it is needed. I hope that you will help us ensure that the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre continues to maintain its high standards of care.


Thank you very much for caring about the health of your family, friends and neighbours throughout Central Newfoundland and supporting the efforts of our charity. On behalf of myself and my surgical colleagues at Central Health, I hope you enjoy a very merry and healthy Christmas.



Dr. Mark Spurrell




Have you or a loved one been helped as a result of a piece of equipment, or a health program, which has been funded by Foundation donors? Have you received care by a healthcare professional that goes above and beyond? Please take a minute to share your positive story with us!
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