Save Lives with Cardiac Care



The leading cause of death in our region is attributed to complications arising from heart attacks. The good news is our charity is about to undertake an ambitious campaign to help save lives!


Our cardiac campaign will have a three-pronged approach – the first dealing with early detection and prevention.  The second dealing with life threatening issues while the patient is in transport.  The third and final aspect dealing with diagnosis and treatment at the hospital. 


The Save Lives with Cardiac Care” Campaign will support the purchase of:


  • Remote Cardiac Monitoring system for non-invasive cardiology at the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre. Helps provide early detection of cardiac conditions in patients with infrequent symptoms providing cardiology technologists with the ability to monitor patients for much longer periods of time. This equipment is used for patients of all ages from pediatric to adult.  Currently patients requiring this test would have to travel to St. John’s.  
  • Automatic Resuscitation System (CPR) for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. To be stationed on ambulances at Baie Verte, Springdale and Grand Falls-Windsor. This new equipment will allow the paramedic to deal with other life-saving interventions such as IV access, medication administration, intubation and defibrillation. The device delivers customized, powerful CPR by automatically calculating the size, shape and resistance of each patient’s chest and squeezes the patient’s chest to improve blood flow to the heart and brain.
  • Transport Ventilator to help people who cannot breathe independently. This device will be the first for the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre. It is designed for use with patients on life support while being transported from one department to another. It is also used when patients are being transported to another facility for further treatment by road or air ambulance.
  • An Echo Stretcher which is used in facilitating echo cardiograms.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring system to be used while patients are undergoing medical procedures.

Leon King, President of the South and Central Health Foundation, comments, “These improvements will have definite benefits for the health and well-being of patients throughout southern and central Newfoundland. Our Foundation has always been innovative in the projects it supports on behalf of our donors. Our purpose is to ensure people in our communities have access to the very best procedures and treatment. We are excited to launch this campaign to help save lives in our region.”

The campaign kicks off with a $5,000 gift from Mr. Jerry Brett, owner of Green Bay Wholesalers in Springdale. Mr. Brett has issued a challenge to all business owners and organizations in central Newfoundland to match or beat his donation.

“100% of the donations to this campaign will be used to help save lives in this region. I know that people living throughout central Newfoundland will see this as a cause worthy of their support.” Added Mr. Brett.

Our fundraising goal for this campaign is $160,000.



Have you or a loved one been helped as a result of a piece of equipment, or a health program, which has been funded by Foundation donors? Have you received care by a healthcare professional that goes above and beyond? Please take a minute to share your positive story with us!
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